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Employment Law - Advice for Individuals

We have acted for many individuals, including those from FTSE 100 and 250 businesses, advising them on legislative issues such as notice periods, whistleblowing, restrictive covenants, employee benefits, regulatory references, contracts and service agreements. Senior executives in particular turn to us long before they are ready to make a move, trusting us to alert them to pitfalls and steer negotiations to their advantage.

Starting employment

When you start a new senior role we can evaluate the terms of your new employment and identify any areas that could potentially put you or your career at a disadvantage. This might include assessing your contractual obligations and entitlements within any relevant service agreements and employment contracts, including reviewing restrictive covenants and negotiating benefits and bonuses.

Leaving your role

Management and board level executives often involve us long before they make their move to exit. Our experience in complex employment law negotiations allows us to prepare a personal strategy that achieves your desired outcome in terms of settlement, references, pension, share options and other benefits.


We advise individuals before they launch legal action so that they are in the most advantageous position for negotiating contract issues and contractual disputes.

We can also represent you during court action and tribunals to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your career.