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Less spin, more honesty

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has come under fire from its employees for spinning what has been reported as a cost saving exercise in the press as an exciting innovation in the workplace.

The firm’s new hot-desking policy was announced internally as a “new employee experience”, whereas externally the Wall Street Journal was reporting that Meta was looking to reduce costs by 10%.

Staff were understandably angry at the positive spin and so-called ‘corporate propaganda’, which many felt treated them like fools.

This cautionary tale highlights the importance of sincerity, particularly when it comes to internal communications. There is, of course, the legal issue of changing someone’s working conditions and making sure that such changes are managed in a consultative way, before implementation.

Additionally, however, treating people with respect means they are more likely to respond positively to change. If a firm is making changes, you can be sure rumours will start to circulate even before they have been fully signed off by the board. Taking the time to explain the rationale behind the change, even if it is not a completely positive one, the company has a much better chance of keeping its people on side. It’s a trust thing!