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Three years into the Boardside journey

Boardside has just turned three, which any business owner will tell you is quite a milestone. What started off as a dream – to use my expertise as a lawyer to help boards take a strategic approach to employment and people management issues – finally became a reality in 2017. That, however, was just the beginning of the story.

There have been many blind bends and hidden dips over the past three years and I can say with complete confidence that the support of others (both in my business and personal life) has been more useful than any sat nav. So too has my openness to learn from every situation.

As a business owner you are never quite sure what lies around the next corner and that can be disconcerting. It is also thrilling and as long as we are prepared to think differently and adapt, we can survive the journey and grow as a result.

On a personal level, I feel that I have gained so much since launching my own business and there is no doubt that Boardside has grown with me. It has become what I hoped it would and it is evolving all the time. At the age of  3, Boardside is enabling me to realise my professional dreams and to deliver a very unique solution to boardrooms up and down the country. I have a feeling something exciting lies ahead at the next junction and I look forward to sharing that with you when it does.