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Commercial Law

As any business owner or manager knows, it is inevitable that legal advice on commercial issues will be required from time-to-time. Receiving quality and timely commercial legal advice usually saves time and money at a future date. At Boardside, we take the time to get to know you and your business. This sound understanding of how you work and the challenges you face will give you the confidence to trust our advice.

At Boardside, we deliver a range of commercial legal services – from advising on commercial contracts to interpreting the legislation around GDPR compliance. We are focussed on delivering successful outcomes for clients and pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commercial awareness.

Boardside’s commercial legal service invariably dovetails with our employment and business immigration service, giving you a streamlined and coordinated approach to managing all the legal aspects associated with running a business.

Creative problem solving, communication and teamwork makes Boardside the legal partners in which you can trust.

Commercial Legal Services

• Commercial contracts
• Commercial litigation
• Confidentiality agreements (NDA’s)
• Data protection and the GDPR
• Intellectual Property (IP)
• Licensing agreements
• Consumer-facing terms and conditions
• Website compliance and document reviews
• Contract analysis and negotiation support
• Establishing policies and procedures, such as complaints-handling