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Covid Rules and Offences for Officers

The frequency of government changes to rules concerning COVID-19 are well-publicised. However, the penalties for non-compliance are serious, particularly for employers and company officers, not least

  • allowing a breach of a self-isolation requirement;
  • failing to pass on information about self-isolation in respect of agency workers
  • failing to display an NHS test and trace QR code;
  • failing to collect, retain mandatory staff data for tracing purposes;
  • failing to take regional steps to prevent entry to premises by a member of staff who has not scanned QR code or provided mandatory staff details;
  • failing to display a notice reminding staff of the legal obligation to wear a face covering; and
  • personal liability

The penalties for non-compliance/breach are significant, fixed penalty notices ranging from £1000 to thousands of pounds for repeat offences.

A worker is obliged by law to tell their employer if they are required to self-isolate. The fixed penalty for failing to do so is £50. But that same situation could potentially get the employer into hot water as well as. Obviously, there is the second lockdown taking place currently, but gatherings in excess of the government guidelines (e.g. works drinks/Christmas parties) will create real risk.